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I really never thought I'd need a foot doctor in my life. Now, I wish all doctors and offices were as amazing as this doctor. This place is clean, professional, runs on time, and all around fantastic.

I had a broken large toe/ bone on top of my foot that healed poorly and after a year (in late 2014) I went to a foot doctor that I did not like. I searched online and found all these great reviews for this doctor. He uses zocdoc which makes things very easy to book. He was very detailed in reviewing my xrays and getting me treatment to get rid of the pain I had from poor healing. I saw him twice in 2014 and had been fine since. I said farewell, thinking I would never need a foot doctor again.

Forward to last week when I had an injury that needed immediate wound care and a minor office procedure. I called his office and he got me in right away (within hours). I have seen him twice already this week and the visits have not been pleasant (for my foot); however, the doctor and his staff have made the best of a very bad situation. They have shown patience, care, and paid attention to details of my injury. I am going to have to see the doctor several times more and while my foot situation has been fairly horrifying, this doctor's ability to make patients feel at ease is amazing. I've seen other doctors that have zero bedside manner; that is not the case here. Also, the front desk staff really are great. Also, not something you always get with a very busy doctor's office. I have never waited more than 10 minutes to see the nurse/ doctor.

I can tell by the reviews below and the patients in his office, that this doctor is in the right field, doing good work and taking his patient care very seriously. He is also realistic with pain management. Oh, and he tries to be funny when you are shouting in pain. Thanks, Dr. Z.

Amanda H.
Sherman Oaks, CA

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