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Aesthetic Foot Surgery by Award-Winning Podiatrist Dr. Vladimir Zeetser

Because everyone deserves beautiful feet!!

Let's face it, image is important and cosmetic surgery is here to stay. With television shows idolizing young hip plastic surgeons and reality shows chronicling patient experiences, it is clear that people are obsessed with beauty and glamour. Beautification of the feet has arrived and now being beautiful from head to toe has a new meaning!

Aesthetic foot surgery can be performed strictly for cosmetic reasons, but the benefit is twofold. Besides an increase in the attractiveness of the foot, function is generally improved and/or restored. Conservative care should be considered, but often is impractical and temporary with aesthetic surgery being the best definitive option. A more innovative and refined approach, using new modifications to time tested procedures coupled with the latest in technology is what sets aesthetic foot surgery apart. This typically leads to quicker and more ambulatory recovery periods, generally improved cosmetic appearance with minimal scarring and minimal pain. All procedures are done on an outpatient basis with the patient going home and usually being able to walk the same day.

Meticulous dissection and incision placement can be learned. An eye for aesthetics and attention to detail cannot. Anyone can claim to perform aesthetic foot surgery, but only few can succeed. Dr. Zeetser is at the forefront of innovative and progressive surgical procedures that can effectively correct a variety of conditions using state of the art implants and the latest techniques.

Cosmetic foot surgery has become much more popular over the past several years and for the best outcome, it is important to be evaluated by a qualified surgeon. Physicians who debunk it do so because they achieve less than optimal results. Don't be a bad cosmetic foot surgery statistic. To obtain an aesthetic and functional result, call Dr. Zeetser for a surgical consultation. Regain your self-confidence!

Note: All surgical procedures anywhere on the body carry some degree of risk and you are encouraged to use all sources available to you to research your condition and treatment options. However, Dr. Zeetser has done everything possible to refine his procedures to avoid the most common complications and pain. Conscious sedation with local anesthesia rather than general or spinal anesthesia removes the majority of the risk. Patient's wake up pain free and feeling as though they had a restful nap and are unlikely to experience headaches, nausea, vomiting or throat pain, common to general anesthesia.

Procedures To Consider:

Advanced Modified Mini-TightRope Bunion Surgery

The treatment of hallux valgus deformity includes the assessment of the hallux valgus angle, the intermetatarsal angle and the contribution of an interphalageus deformity. Additionally, there must be an assessment of the presence or absence of arthritic involvement of both the first metatarsocuneiform joint and the first metatarsophalangeal joint. Other considerations are the orientation of the distal metatarsal articular angle and the orientation and stability of the first metatarsocuneiform joint.
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Aesthetic Toe Shortening

Excessively long lesser toes are a relatively common deformity and typically pose a cosmetic concern for women more often than men. Commonly referred to as "raptor toe", when the toe hangs off the edge of an open toed shoe, the most prevalent of excessively long toes is the 2nd digit, which is adjacent to the big toe. Normally, the big toe is roughly equal in the length to the 2nd and possibly 3rd, followed by the 4th and 5th to create what is known as the tip-toe parabola. A small percentage of the population suffers from a disruption of this parabola leading to this unsightly condition, as well as shoe fitting problems.
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Aesthetic Toe Lengthening

Isolated short toes can be a problem which is aesthetically displeasing and lead to many similar social and functional issues as with excessively long toes. The cause of the condition can be congenital or acquired. Depending on the cause, a procedure can now be performed to improve the aesthetic appearance of the toe and restore its length.
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Aesthetic Toe Debulking

As with all aesthetic procedures, they are merely refinements of time tested techniques. Hammertoe corrections can be performed with the intention of eliminating pain, reducing deformity or preventing future complications. Often times, with this goal in mind, the result is less than aesthetic with bunched up skin and folds, leaving the toe looking thick and stubby. Patients are usually told that this skin will contract and resorb with time, which may or may not occur over years. Disregard for aesthetics and lack of attention to detail is the real cause. This is what differentiates the average surgeon from an aesthetic foot surgeon.
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Aesthetic Hammertoe Correction

Hammertoes and their related deformities are unsightly contractures of the joints of the lesser toes, and occasionally the great toe as well. They typically occur from muscle and ligament imbalance and typically worsen from neglect. Besides being unpleasant to look at and causing difficulty with fitting into stylish shoes, these deformities tend to be progressive with time and lead to further disfigurement of the foot and suffering. Often times, they result in dislocation of the metatarsophalangeal joint (where the ball of foot meets the base of the toe) with crossover toe deformity.
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Aesthetic Fifth Toe Correction

The fifth or baby toe have a variety of deformities that are not only cosmetically unattractive, but can be a major source of discomfort and shoe fitting problems. Because it can get the most pressure and rubs directly inside shoes or sandal straps more than any other toe, the fifth toe can be one's sole source of foot problems and is termed "the tyranny of the little toe." Besides being unsightly, there is also often redness, bursitis, pain and thick corns.
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Aesthetic Bunion Correction

These are not merely unsightly bumps on the side of the foot. Bunions are the quiet joint killers. Although typically painful with redness and inflammation, this condition can have no symptoms for many years. During this time, the damage is being done as one of the most important joints in the foot becomes deteriorated and worn away.
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Plantar Fat Pad Augmentation for High Heeled Shoes

With time and age, the fat pad on the bottom of our feet begins to atrophy, losing its thickness and resilience. This is termed "plantar fat pad atrophy." It is a normal, albeit unfortunate, aging process and can contribute to considerable pain and deformity on the bottom of the foot.
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Botox injections for excessive foot sweating

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the plantar aspect of the feet is a common problem affected many people. Besides being an uncomfortable hygienic condition, contributing to fungal infection and Athlete's foot, it can be an equally embarrassing problem creating social and psychological concerns.
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Sclerotherapy for Varicose and Spider Veins

Spider veins (known as telangiectasias) in the lower extremities are the result of varicose veins with leaky or incompetent valves. Patients generally suffer from venous insufficiency and can experience heaviness and swelling of the legs, ankles and feet. This condition can be hereditary or activity related. Jobs or activities requiring prolonged periods of standing or sitting in one place contribute to the condition. Left untreated, they can lead to permanent dark brown discoloration of the skin and ultimately venous stasis ulcerations.
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