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Bunion Deformity (Hallux Abductovalgus)

A bunion deformity is a misaligned big toe joint that can become swollen and tender, causing the big toe to deviate towards the second toe and a bump or bunion to form on inside (medial aspect) of the big toe joint. As time progresses, the angle between the first and second metatarsal bones increases and the bunion becomes larger. Initially, it may be without symptoms, however because of the deviation at the joint, arthritis may develop and destroy the joint and cause pain. Bunions are generally thought to be hereditary, but their development can be exacerbated and hastened by tight fitting or narrow shoes, flat foot and hypermobility deformity. It becomes very difficult to wear shoes comfortably and depending on the patient's age, can lead to skin breakdown and wounds. Conservative therapy is typically only temporary and thus surgery is frequently performed to correct the problem.

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