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I found Dr. Zeetser online by an act of intuitive guidance to find a podiatrist who does wound care and who could help mend a surgical wound I had done. He truly saved my life so to speak, or at least helped me to walk normal again in a shorter time frame. I had an excisional biopsy to rule out cancer on the bottom of the foot in early January by another surgeon. I felt I was a bit misguided in the post op care, so the wound got very macerated with the top layer being weak and kept tearing with the stitches and also from my trauma to the area of working too early. After 1 month of the wound not healing (top layer was still open), I was told it would just fill in over time. Because my work involves me being on my feet, I could not be left to the unknown with no guidance or care of how long it would take so I choose to find a person who knows the foot well and specializes in wound care. I had already lost work and was using crutches to walk.

I really believe we are guided to find the right people at the right time. When I called Dr. Zeetser's office, I believe the person I spoke with was Claudia. She was super nice and accommodating to my request to see the doc that day. They even had an appt at the hour I wanted and that wasn't even his day to work, but he came in for me and 2 others. It was close to home and the price was affordable for me being a cash paying patient. Upon meeting the doctor, he said he could treat the area, but the healing time could be about 3 weeks. His approach was so different then what I normally have experienced in wound care, but what he did was truly a MIRACLE for me to be healed and back to normal. After 3 weeks of bed rest, keeping the wound covered and dry and having him care for it 1 time a week, my foot is totally sealed and I am finally walking normal again with no discomfort to the area.

He office is clean, the staff is super nice and listens to their patients questions and concerns, Dr. Zeetser too explains things well and answers all your questions. I am over worrier and I ask alot of questions, but the doc and staff still were nice and didn't make me feel bad for that. I will definitely go back in the future, when I am ready to have another area looked at. If you need to do anything on the foot, this is the person to go too. Dr. Zeetser is gifted. I believe God gives us special gifts to share with others, and this is his. He also does diabetic care, general podiatry, cosmetic surgery for bunions, etc. I have already referred a friend of mine to him and she was impressed too. Thanks to him I feel normal again and am walking with ease, and to think there was a time that I never thought I would walk again.

Jennifer T.
Calabasas, CA

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