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I went to Dr. Zeetser for diagnosis and treatment of a pretty bad case case of toenail fungus on several toes on each foot. When I consulted with him he gave me a very thorough explanation of what caused the fungus, methods of treatment, and listened to my questions and concerns. He explained that treatment of the fungus involves a round of antibiotics to kill the fungus, removal of some of the more badly affected toenails , ( Say what!!!!), and rigorous treatment of shoes, etc, to make sure that the fungus does not return. While my initial horror was that I was going to be treated like a POW at a concentration camp, Dr Zeetser explained the procedure very clearly, provided excellent after care instructions, and said that if I was rigorous in following his instructions, the nail fungus would go away.

After following his instructions for about 6 months, all of my nails have grown back and my feet look and feel better than they have in ages. As others have said, Dr. Zeetser is a very kind, caring person with a great bedside manner, who is very easy to talk to. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a good podiatrist.

Paul B.
Sherman Oaks, CA

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