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Plantar Fat Pad Augmentation for High Heeled Shoes

With time and age, the fat pad on the bottom of our feet begins to atrophy, losing its thickness and resilience. This is termed "plantar fat pad atrophy." It is a normal, albeit unfortunate, aging process and can contribute to considerable pain and deformity on the bottom of the foot.

Sadly, stylish and trendy womens shoes don't always take their wearer into consideration. Because many people are slaves to fashion and will sacrifice comfort and their feet for the sake of looking good in the short term, accelerated damage is done to balls of the feet. Occasionally, fractures and soft tissue injuries occur, but most of the time it is just pain at the ball of the foot from loss of natural padding and/or the shift in this padding coupled with the increased pressure placed on the metatarsal heads from high heeled shoes.

Treatment of this painful condition is performed with the use of collagen and other plastic surgery DermaFillers which can be safely injected into the areas of pain under local anesthesia without incisions. Relief can be obtained for 6-12 months depending on the specific product used. Although conservative options are available such as custom orthotics with metatarsal pads, these are impractical for extremely stylish shoes. If you must wear Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik, to name a few, you may be a candidate for this innovative procedure.

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