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Venous Insufficiency with Venous Stasis Wounds Treatment

Poor venous circulation occurs due to incompetent or faulty valves on the deep veins. Rather than properly closing and pumping blood upwards towards the heart, these valves remain partially open, allowing blood to backflow down the legs. The fluid accumulates in the legs, ankles and feet causing swelling and varicose veins. Occasionally, blood clots can develop as well. If not treated properly with elevation and external compression, the condition becomes chronic and the leg swelling gets more severe. As the red blood cells die and rupture, iron is released which stains the skin dark brown. Gradually, the skin becomes thin and shiny and loses its strength. Small blisters may appear in the lower legs or the skin can secrete clear yellow fluid. Eventually the skin ulcerates and large wounds form which are difficult to heal. If not treated in a timely manner, this condition continues to worsen and wounds can become chronic, lasting months to years, until proper treatment is rendered with proper wound care and aggressive management of the venous insufficiency with compression therapies.

This is a common problem that affects both men and women. Pneumatic compression pump therapy can be used for mild cases to physically drain the fluid from the limbs. Dr. Zeetser offers this form of treatment in the office or can assist you in obtaining a device for your home. He also offers a complete line of high quality graduated compression garments, which are necessary for this condition. Often times, patients have received these types of garments/socks in the past which were too tight and difficult to put on or wear. Most people tend to give up on these. Dr. Zeetser and his experienced staff will work with you to determine the exact style and compression strength that you will be able to tolerate so as to ensure that you will properly use the garments.

For merely superficial spider veins which are of a cosmetic concern, treatment is available as well.

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